price1 [ praıs ] noun ***
1. ) count the amount of money that you have to pay in order to buy something:
They charge the same prices in all their restaurants.
The cameras range in price from $150 to over $600.
The price per person goes down for groups of more than ten people.
price of: We can expect further increases in the price of electricity.
low/high price: Oil was at its lowest price in 30 years.
half/full price: For a limited period only, all our carpets are being sold at half price.
a ) at/for a price for a lot of money:
They'll do the work for you, at a price.
2. ) singular the disadvantages or bad experiences that are a necessary part of achieving something you want:
the high price of fame/success
pay the price (for something): They have paid a terrible price for ignoring the crisis for too long.
Lamont famously described high unemployment as a price worth paying for economic stability.
at a price: For some of these young athletes, success comes at a heavy price.
at what price?: She has fulfilled her dream, but at what price?
at any price
1. ) if you want something at any price, you are determined to get it, even if this brings severe problems or suffering
2. ) if you refuse to do something at any price, you refuse to do it, even for a lot of money or other benefits
everyone has their price
used for saying that people will do anything if they are paid enough money or given what they want
a price on someone's head
an amount of money that has been offered as a reward for catching or killing someone
put a price (tag) on something
to state the value of something that cannot be calculated in financial terms:
You can't put a price on her unique creative talent.
what price...?
1. ) used for asking whether something someone that has achieved was worth all the problems it caused:
What price a peace settlement now?
2. ) used for saying that you think something is very unlikely to happen:
What price a reprieve for Scotland in tonight's final?
price 2 [ praıs ] verb transitive **
1. ) usually passive to set the price of a product or service:
The shares were too highly priced.
be priced at/below/above etc.: The farmhouse is priced at $300,000.
a ) to mark a product in a store, for example with a label, to show how much it costs
2. ) to compare prices at different stores or companies before you buy something
price yourself out of the market
to charge such high prices for your products that customers stop buying them

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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